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November Monkmode 100 Rep Challenge

Today I went out and invested in some dumbbells for our new monthly challenge: 100 daily reps. 

Don't go heavy. 100 reps will beat you down pretty fast. Pick a weight you can do and stick with it. 

Every single day you are to do the following:

  • 100 reps of Bicep Curls (100 straight or 5 sets of 20)
  • ​100 reps of Overhead Tricep Extensions (100 straight or 5 sets of 20)

This will be an easy everyday 'win' for you. It will help you build momentum.
Which you can use in your other habits and daily chores.

Upload a video of you doing the challenge.Tag me on instagram @elishalongws. Let me see. 
I'll shout out a few of the monks in the next couple weeks.

Lets get it.

Stay strong,

PS: If you don't have dumbbells, use water jugs, wood logs, a heavy set girlfriend, whatever you got. no excuses.

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