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Learn how to gain your first 100 followers by copying the exact strategy I used to start without having to make the same mistakes as I did. The people have spoken, and this is knowledge every man should have access too. 
Full Workout Routine
With your free account you'll be able to get access to a full workout routine program. Its pulled straight from the higher tier paid monkmodebox mastermind group (the one that customers buy). Download for free and start straight away. 
Full Habit Tracker
A free *new* monkmodebox habit tracker to help you keep track of the new and old habits. Built using google sheets so you can access it anywhere and anytime. Download straight to your own google drive so you can have it forever. 

**new for October ** Updated with habits from my mastermind program. 
Private Group
A private community where men can share and bring the fire. This group is invite only. This will keep the group small and as focused as possible. Signing up for this beta will be your free ticket inside the group. 
Is this actually FREE?
Yes. This is completely free. You will never have to pay a dollar for it. There is no where for you to even pay money for this particular program. If later you decide to go up the ladder, then when that time comes I hope I can provide you with something you would find valuable or interesting. 
So this is free, but then you try to sell me something?
Yes and no. This program is free. Will there be something for you to buy eventually? I hope so. If there wasn't I would be showing you a bad example of how to do things. You won't have to and won't be forced to buy anything at all. If you do make it off the ground, you can just shout me out and let me know, that would be enough for me. 
Why do I have to put my name and email in?
Asking for your first name is just so I can refer to you by name. I hope it isn't asking for much. I don't even ask for your last name.  Your email gets added to my "email list". I like to write just as much as I like to make videos. I often send cool articles and stuff like that through email. This is also the email that will receive an "automated" email from me that will provide you with links and directions on how to make your free account and gain access to everything. 
Why can't you just give it to me, why do you need my email, is this a scam?
I do provide links on the next page. There are ways for you to find all of this without having to give me your email. You can take the back roads and navigate the site until you find your answers without having to give me your email and name. You can do that or you can just let me email you. I don't share it with anyone else. If you want you can use a fake email which most people do anyway. But if you want to truly take most advantage of this, lets just link up properly.
I cannot seem to get the e-mail with all the information, what do I do?
Email extensions that aren't the popular ones like tend to not work so well. Checking spam or junk mail is the first step I would take. The next page has all the links and information you will need. If all else fails you can reach out to me:  support [@]
Create a free account today and get your habit tracker, full workout routine, brand builder program and access to the private group. Please note that this is currently in a beta-phase until a full release later this year. Anyone who signs up now will have access to their free account forever. 
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