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What Is MonkModeBox?
The new way of training.

If you're like most of our members you believe in improving yourself and leveling up your skill-sets, but you just don't have the time to filter through the resources that you know will get you there.

We engineered a new, fun and engaging way to train so you start achieving your goals on Day 1.

Why MonkModeBox?
Because you want mentorship from a brotherhood of elite men and we've made that both, affordable and accessible...
Fun, Engaging, and Efficient Training
You get access to exclusive videos, audio, workbooks and cheat sheets that you can use in any combination to best suit your training preferences...
Handpicked Training
Our elite team hand picks each month's training content
Exclusive Content
Daily action plans for optimal and efficient training that help you focus, learn, and take action..exclusively made for our members - not sold anywhere else
"Is MonkModeBox For Me?"
If you are a busy, ambitious man and understand that you need to perform at your peak if you’re going to reach all your personal and professional goals... YES!
Our Story
Meet The Master Monk
A world renowned Youtube entrepreneur and bodybuilding competitor that has launched over 998 videos on Youtube that accumulated over 5,280,481 Million minutes of watch time...

This year, he realized that none of his accomplishments would have been possible if it wasn't for what he learned from years of training (discipline, focus and persistent).

Everybody knows that the world's health epidemic is out of control but Elisha decided to actually do something about it instead of watching from the sidelines...

MonkModeBox is now the primary training platform for hundreds of students across the world!
Elisha Long
CEO, Founder of MonkModeBox
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