30 day growth challenges for men

Monkmodebox.com breaks habits down to basic steps (like a map) and tells you how to follow them successfully. Join us now for a new 30 Day Challenge.

What You'll Learn

1. Follow A Simple Routine

Daily practice of simple habits keeps you hyper focused on your end game.

2. Test Your Skill

Put your new skills to the test in monthly challenges.

3. Hit Goals

Master procrastination and finally level up your health, wealth, love, and happiness. 

What's Included?

Follow proven strategies, re-gain your discipline, and finally remap yourself into a superhuman, or an Übermensch as Friedrich Nietzsche called it.

1.Monkmodebox.com Membership Account

2.Follow a simple routine

  • What can you improve or focus on that you NEED to right now?
  • ​How to reconfigure your habits and systems to optimize for a new productive lifestyle

3.Take on Challenges

  • Life is difficult. Push yourself to stay sharp by competing with hundreds of other members or provide motivation to other members competing for glory!
  • Monthly challenges designed to help you take massive ACTION towards your health, wealth, love, and happiness. 

4.Hit Goals: Finally take action and get things done

5. BONUS: Invite Only Private Community Access

  • It's hard to change your life surrounded by the same people. Join an active community of like-minded individuals, collaborate, get help, stay accountable, make friends and have fun.

6.BONUS: Workout Of The Month (W.O.T.M)

  • ​Easy to follow workout routine
  • ​Build muscle and lose fat
  • Maintain your immune system
  • ​Sharpen your mind and boost your stamina 
  • ​Start a 5x5 workout routine today and experience massive gains during the great gym re-opening.

7.BONUS: Book Of The Month (B.O.T.M)

  • Gain new knowledge
  • ​Improve your reading skills.
  • Advance your education

8.BONUS: Past Challenges

  • Gain access to the wildly successful ARK and KING challenges for free when you sign up today. (Live calls/program/challenges and more)

I'M elisha long,
Founder OF MonkModeBox

Despite the pandemic...

Yesterday my Youtube channel hit 
85.6K subscribers.
And that is not by accident.
It's because I followed a formula that worked and I want to share that formula with you.

I will teach you the exact steps you need to convert your existing habits into results. 

In a single day.

Regardless of your current habits.
A photo of Grant Cardone and me that I quickly took at a work party...

You don't need to be some superstar high IQ expert to implement this system...

It's not just me

You've probably noticed in fact...

A lot of people are crushing it right now. Even some of the dumbest ideas are working, because they spent time taking action and are reaping the results.

Some personal brands are killing it online.
While others can barely get the ball rolling. And this is the annoying part (because it's preventable). You may be barely surviving... even though you're skilled and willing to work.

So what's the difference?
What's the pattern here?
Because if we can follow the pattern...we all can win, right? That's how we learn anything... We copy what works.
So if you want to grow right NOW... Give yourself financial security once again... AND become the person that can come to the RESCUE in times of crisis? You've seen how some people are making masks and medical equipment...There is nothing stopping you from leveling up and becoming a person that not only THRIVES, but HELPS.


Because what I'm about to teach you 
could make you "algorithm-proof" as we say...
And open up countless new opportunities...

To expand, grow, and win far, far into the future...

Finally proving to yourself that you can make a thriving online brand.

And maybe you've already tried following habits.
Sure, following habits seems complex
With a million different tools for tracking, timing, planning etc

Well, here's your first lesson:

That's silly
It's not complex

It's simple. And it CAN be done in a single day.
And when done right, it WILL change your life.
In fact, I plan to make that so clear and obvious by the end of this,
That if you still disagree,
You're probably more afraid of change
Or even afraid of SUCCESS,
More than you are afraid
of a challenge or failure.
Because even though this crisis has been catastrophic,

It also represents one of the greatest opportunities you'll ever see...

As a man...
Or as a community leader...
Or just as someone who wants
to feel secure even in the darkest of times.
So stick with me
if you're one of those people. Because again, it's simple.
Here’s What to Do…
Follow a simple routine.

Pick your habits and commit.

If you are sleeping at random hours, go to bed on time.
If you like staying in shape and looking good, follow a workout routine. 
If you are in school, set aside time to study.
If you have a hard task in front of you, do it first thing in the morning.
If you have no energy, clean up your diet.
If you feel alone, make time for friends and family.
There are so many options available. Just do it.
Maybe you already have a daily routine…
Ask yourself: What can I do to improve?

Then do it this month.

Do you need to start your podcast? Upload your first youtube video? Workout? Find love? Relax? Can you commit to something for 30 days straight?

If yes…

Pick your routine…

Keep it simple
But also have a strategy moving forward.

If you haven’t noticed by now…being unfocused or not hitting goals or procrastinating is not recession-proof, it is not pandemic proof, it is not algorithm proof, and it is not future proof.

The push to succeed during these times will never again see such a burst of competition. Businesses are being forced to close for the rest of the year. Bars, restaurants, live music, NFL, sports, comedy clubs, poker players, musicians, college, thrift stores, junk yards, and the list goes on.

You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting.
Though that's okay...
There's still some time left...

But the habits you should have formed five years ago, and the strategy you should've been prepared to rely upon...

Ding Ding Ding!

Alarm has sounded.
House is on fire 🔥🔥
Let's go.
Now's the time to start taking action..and fast


Test your skills

You must be able to take action and hit goals -- it's the only way forward. Complete monthly challenges to help you stay on the narrow path of success. Let others spend time watching Netflix and sitting idle. If you can’t focus in 2020, you're going to have a very difficult time.


Hit Goals

This is where you scale up. It’s time you expand your simple daily routine into hitting daily focused goals toward your career, education, health, or relationships.  

These are not goals you miss.These are vital for your growth and progression.
And guess what?

Right now is the best time to do any of this because…
You guessed it, everyone and their mother is on their on their phones wasting time more often because of quarantine
So in short… here’s what to do…

Follow a simple daily routine,
Stay consistent for the long haul,
Scale it up by accomplishing more in shorter periods of time

And if you don’t know how to do this…

“How” you learn this is ultimately up to you…
Though the “why” and “when” is crystal clear.

It’s right now

And if I were you...To learn this effectively… You have basically 2 options:

  • Either you go at it alone slowly creeping and sorting through old books and blog articles...struggling to understand irrelevant YouTube tutorials from 2007 that are incomplete, disjointed, and taught by people who are let's be honest... not exactly world class.
  • You get a proven system, taught to you by someone that’s doing it live right now...Who will walk you through exactly step by step what to do… and it won’t be some college lecture either… You need something optimized for SPEED and clarity. You need this done TODAY. And yes, I can get you there.


Stop scrolling.

Stop laying around 
Stop wasting your time on junk like Netflix.
Step up for your family and community.
It's not that you're not smart enough...
It's not that this is over your head...
It's because you just haven't DECIDED it was worth it...
Though now... I hope you see that it is...
So if that's you...

Equipped yourself with Monkmodebox and let’s get you going MONKMODE...and fast.

Here's the question you need to ask yourself:

CAN you still follow a simple daily routine?
Really answer that...
If the answer is yes...
And it is...
Then what are you waiting for?
Yes there is literally a global crisis going on, but that's all the more reason to be serving your community!
If you feel like you have nothing to offer I'm sorry but you're wrong. Your family, your community, maybe your employees, and hell even society NEEDS your expertise.


And either you're not giving it to us at the level that we deserve... because you feel like you don't know how, or you can't because there's some obstacle...
Whatever your reason...
The truth is that your reasons are excuses...
People are hand sewing cloth masks -- this is a war time level "done is better than perfect" situation -- you are going to miss this window if you wait until you're "ready" or your offering if "perfected" or things are "better."
Wasting ridiculous amounts of time playing video games and doing nothing has become a dire situation and it's a gigantic problem that needs to be solved…
You don’t need an MBA to do this. And if you actually step up instead of cowering in the face of uncertainty, you’re going to be an INSTANT success.
You can be up and running in less than a week.
And then after your first successful 30 days… and you’ve found your footing…
  • You’ll hit goals with ease...
  • ​Eliminate procrastination from your life...
  • ​You’ll be known and respected for getting things done...
  • Continue to grow and expend
  • ​For years to come. 

High levels of success is not beyond you

Your reality is as small or as large as you choose to make it

And therefore...
The ONLY thing standing between you immediately snapping into action on the 3 steps I just taught you is one thing... and one thing only ...


Knowledge is power.
Education is key.
Skills are the differentiating factor in life and business.

And if you really knew how to implement these simple actions, wouldn't you be doing it already? Especially right now when there are so many people you could be helping!
Get the picture here?
This is not "chill time."
For you... this is NOT chill time.
War time by definition means full action mode.

If it were under any other circumstance, you would have time scratch your belly like usual...

But right now we are faced with high amounts of uncertainty. And during these scaring times, you still put one foot in front of the other and get the job done anyways. If you ever imagined yourself stepping up when the time was needed...now is that time.
Alexander The Great Said:
"There is nothing impossible to him who will try. "
Remember that...

And by the way...
I would normally charge thousands of dollars for this...
But today I am are offering it
for a massive insane discount...
Though only because of what's happening right now.
After the pandemic is behind us...
Knock on wood...

I'll make this only available to my private consulting clients.
So really now is the ONLY time.

It's called "Monkmodebox" for a reason...
because it will teach you all the skills needed to survive and help others thrive in this post pandemic world.

A world that will be run by powerful productive action takes like the one you are about to become.

Action that you don't take now will always be a regret. Don't get left in the dust, adapt to the change and take action in this constantly changing world.
Monkmodebox will teach you:
  • How to quickly jump start your habits
  • ​How to follow a daily routine that makes you more productive. 
  • ​How to stay focused, delete procrastination, and get more done while others are still wondering what to do next.
All in less than 24 hours.
And so we're fully transparent,
I'll even give you the whole monthly course structure: It starts with just the basics:

1. Follow A Simple Routine

Deciding on which daily routine make the most sense for you to build your day upon in this time.

2. Take on Challenges
A fast start to growing and getting out of your comfort zone. 

3. Hit Goals

Finally transferring the ideas in your head into real results. Rinse and repeat.

4.BONUS: Invite Only Private Community Access
Stop acting alone, get the social accountability you need to hit massive goals. 

5. BONUS: Workout Of The Month (W.O.T.M)

Designed to keep your energy, focus, and body in the best shape possible. Lose weight, gain muscle, and build a strong body.

6. BONUS: Book Of The Month (B.O.T.M)
The average CEO reads 52 books a year. Stay sharp and advance your education with our monthly book club.

8. BONUS: Past Challenges

Also get access to widely successful ARK and KING challenge for FREE.
AND... Monkmodebox has a money-back-guarantee, so if you're not satisfied with what you learn through this program, then I will return every dollar to you.
There is only massive upside... and literally zero downside given our money back guarantee...
It's the easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective solution out there right now.
If I had been able to join monkmodebox years ago -- I would do anything to give my past self this knowledge. It's invaluable.
Whether you are not sure where to begin or you're in need of faster growth...or you're looking to build for the new future we're all in...
Now is the time.
Though either way...
I sincerely appreciate your time.
Thank you for joining me,
And I hope to see you inside Monkmodebox.


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Elisha Long
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